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What is a real estate consultant in Turkey?

It is a person or a real estate consulting company, He has a license to practice the profession as a real estate consultant obtained from the Turkish government, He has extensive experience in the field of real estate and sale prices and full knowledge of legal procedures in this field.

It is important to choose a competent and honest consultant, So that this consultant will be accompanying you before starting the purchase process and after the purchase process is completed and may continue with you if you want to entrust him with the task of managing the property.


The difference between the property called the auctioneer and the real estate consultant:

They are often confused and some may think that they are the names of the same person, For the property or auctioneer is a person whose task is to sell real estate or search for the property with the specifications desired by the buyer, But he is not specialized in the legal aspect or the future of this property or the disadvantages and features of the area and does not have knowledge of the rest of the steps that the investor needs after the sale, As for the real estate consultant, his first step is to know the buyer’s goals from buying the property, then directing him towards buying the appropriate property, thus saving the buyer time, money and effort, and assist in the completion of all legal procedures.


Tasks of the real estate consultant in Turkey:

  • Extensive experience in the real estate market in Turkey.
  • Providing information on the best areas for real estate investment according to the objectives for which the investor wants to buy the property.
  • Skill in negotiating prices to get the best for the customer.
  • Providing the best real estate options in the shortest possible time.
  • Taking the investor with real estate tours so that the investor is reassured and familiar with the property he will buy.
  • Estimating the real price of the property.
  • Explain all the information in the sales contract and alert the investor in the event of any clause in the contract that would make the investor fall victim to real estate fraud.
  • After-sales services such as extracting and certifying the necessary papers, restoring the property, adding decorations to it if it is a used property, opening water, electricity, gas meters and other services…
  • Property management, In the event that the investor wants to invest his property and does not have time for that.


How to choose the right real estate consultant in Turkey?

One of the most important steps for the investor is to choose the right advisor, The best means to choose a real estate consultant are:

  • Through someone close or friend, try this real estate consultant.
  • Search online, communicate with him, and try to communicate with people who have dealt with him before.
  • Visit this company on the ground and make sure of this company if it is reliable and see its work in the real estate market.
  • By sitting with him and you will know how experienced and capable this consultant is in the field of real estate.
  • Sit down with several real estate consultants if possible.
  • Ensure the existence of a license to practice the profession.


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