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What is the Döviz Alım Belges document?

At the beginning of 2022, the Central Bank of Turkey issued a decision to oblige the foreign buyer to switch the property fees to the Turkish lira, This process must be done through the Central Bank of Turkey so that the foreigner can complete the process of buying the title deed or obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying the property. The buyer is granted a currency purchase bond from the Central Bank,...

The Future of Buying Property in Turkey

Many of those wishing to invest in real estate about the future of real estate in Turkey wonder whether the development and demand for real estate will continue or stop due to the global economic crisis. We must look at several points through which we can know the future of real estate in Turkey and whether it is still as attractive as before. Is buying real estate still as attractive as before? First...

What is a real estate consultant in Turkey?

It is a person or a real estate consulting company, He has a license to practice the profession as a real estate consultant obtained from the Turkish government, He has extensive experience in the field of real estate and sale prices and full knowledge of legal procedures in this field. It is important to choose a competent and honest consultant, So that this consultant will be accompanying you before...

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